Monday, June 23, 2014


Wow what a wonderful day on the bike. After some snapshots of the group at the hotel we headed out on a rails to trails bike path. I guess I could look it up, but must have been 30 kms or so. The bike path followed an abandoned train track line through a forest. The former train stations, space apart by 10km have been converted into homes, but the town names were still displayed on the buildings.

Right off the bike path was the Monastery of Bec. On the grounds was a bell tower built in the early 1000's. The Monastery is still in existence and they have a boutique with many items that they make including pottery and china.

Lunch was the high point of the day with stop a a friend of Philippe and Agn├Ęs who's thatched home was a beautiful setting for a picnic lunch.

The rest of the ride when fairly quickly with the wind to our backs and a slight downhill. We arrived in the Honfleur and enjoyed a cool beer before exploring the town a bit then heading to the hotel to shower up before dinner.


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