Friday, July 4, 2014

Stage 10: Nogent-le -Rotrou to Versailles

Today's ride was the longest ride of the trip, 144 km (~90 miles). Last night we had dinner at Buffalo Grill, it was next to our motel and easy to walk to, but of all the wonderful food we've had on the trip, this dinner reminded me too much of a copy of Sizzlers.

For the past couple of days we've all been realizing that the amazing bike ride is coming quickly to an end and today will be the last picnic stop of the ride and it's all kinda sad to see it all end. The morning's sky was bright blue and promising a sunny day and as I was putting on the sun screen I noticed some clouds creeping across the sky. We've been extremely fortunate during this entire ride. Many days rain was predicted, but in each case we managed to avoid anything greater than a sprinkle. Weather reports for today says that we have 100% chance of showers. Doug, one of the riders, has a special set of rain booties that whenever he wears them, the rains stay away. Today he's wearing them again. We'll see what happens.

Philippe typically has selected routes that keeps us off the busy roads and on the quiet back road and today was no exception. Until the last 15 km or so into Versailles, we had some gorgeous road to ride on.

The rain held off until lunch when we had some light showers which cleared up by the time we were back on the road.  The skies cleared and we finished the ride under blue skies and white puffy clouds.

We came into Versailles during Friday evening during rush hour and had to push our way through the heaviest traffic on the trip. Up a couple of hills along marked bike lanes as the traffic zipped by on our left.  Busy and noisy, but only for a short distance. As we were only a couple of kilometers from the end, we had one more flat. We stopped for a couple of minutes and on the sidewalk quickly replaced the inner tube, then off of same hotel that we started from.

Philippe and Agnes had arranged for Pizza at the hotel so that we wouldn't have to all find a restaurant in the evening and that we could all enjoy the dinner together.

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